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This page is out of date

The Student Activity Server has been renamed to the Penn State Student Organizations Web Service and is under new management. These Web pages are out of date and will be removed in the near future. Please read http://www.clubs.psu.edu/info/ for information about the new service.

News Archive

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FTP service upgraded to SFTP - FTP going offline June 1

Our ftp service on ftp.clubs.psu.edu will be terminated on June 1, 2002. The SFTP (Secure FTP) service on ftp.clubs.psu.edu has been turned on and is ready for use. You may read the bulletin on http://cac.psu.edu/news/alerts/ftp_announce.html for details and our tutorials for SFTP client programs and other upload options.

Activity Server Becomes Dedicated to University Park - 4-Mar-2002

By April 1st all Penn State organizations at other campuses and colleges than University Park will be removed from the Student Activity Server. The Student Activities office at each respective campus or college will take over the role of providing web space. If your organization is losing space due to this move, please visit the list of Student Affairs Offices at other campuses and colleges for contact information. This change in policy will allow Student Activities to better manage the granting of webspace privilege to officially registered student groups. We will take steps such as forwarding links to make the transition easier.

Access Problems Fixed
December 4, 2001

All permissions on the www.clubs.psu.edu domain have been restored to their original state. Everyone should now be able to view and edit club websites.
If you do have any problems, please contact the Student Activity Server Committee at ActivityServer@psu.edu

Uptime? What's that? Stability is back - 17-Apr-2001 1pm

After an embarrasing two semesters, we have finally fixed the stability problem. We expect to not have any further problems with our new setup. Web service is now distributed over two servers, and both have been online 24/7 since last Thursday, and without a single failed response since last Tuesday morning (localized to our server in Student Affairs. The CAC server has not given us any problem). Evidence suggests that the problem we faced was specific to our server, and with a full load. Our current setup rapidly diminishes the likelyhood of further problems, and isolates the problem only to specific applications.

Here is some information on our new setup.

New server to take over today - 10-Apr-2001 12pm

About 7am this morning CAC took over the job of hosting our service. It was marked by the moment they updated the DNS for "www.clubs.psu.edu" to point to the new virtual server. We hope this also marks the end of the downtime we have suffered the past year with our old Student Affairs server. Please be patient while the changes to DNS propagate the worldwide cache.

Memory upgraded - 23-Feb-2001 3pm

Today we installed an additional 256 megabytes of system memory to a total of 384 in the webserver (still NT/IIS). We hope this will relieve the stress on our DFS client and prevent further downtime. However we shall still continue as planned with the platform change.

Server Upgrade Imminent - 25-Jan-2001 4pm

After a semester of daily failures of our DFS client, and no solution in sight, we are abandoning NT altogether and moving to a virtual web service managed by the CAC. The new system will run the Apache 1.3.x web server on IBM's AIX Unix, using RS/6000 hardware. We are going to do our best to keep your pages running without alteration, but some sacrifices may need to be made. Further details will be disclosed soon.

Server Failures Under Investigation - 1-Sept-2000 5:10pm

We apologize for the excessive downtime this past week. We have been having severe stability issues with our DFS client. We will attempt to learn the cause and remedy the problem as soon as possible.
The last paragraph was altered Sept 6th, at 6:30pm.

For now you can use our alternate site for your web development: http://www.personal.psu.edu/clubs/.
The last paragraph was altered Sept 5th, at 9:50am.

New Online Application forms - 21-Aug-2000 12:30pm

We have now created a separate form for Web Team Changes. Please use it when you wish to allow more people to work on your Club Server web site. The new location of the New Webspace Request Application is here.

Services Restored - 7-Aug-2000 11:30am

Our team and the Greeks administrators have restored most of the permissions lost during the reinstall. Our application form, counters, guestbooks seem to work again, and all of the Greeks sites are viewable. Please let us know if you run into any problems with your site.

Server outage - 4-Aug-2000 7pm

6am this morning, the server went down and data corruption required a reinstallation of the web server software. While basic services may function, others will not including ASP, counters, and some sites' permissions. We will attempt to restore the system within the week. This affects both the www.clubs.psu.edu domain and the www.greeks.psu.edu domain.

HELP WANTED - 22-June-2000 5pm

Several of our committee members are graduating this year. We need replacements. If you are interested in helping out, read our ad on our homepage.

DCE/DFS Client Upgraded and Stable - 20-June-2000 3pm

Today CAC helped us upgrade our DCE client to a full client, and we have resolved the stability problems we have been having with better performance tunings. If you notice any problems with our service, please contact us.

Stability problems in the works... - 6-June-2000 5pm

Our DFS client on the web server (www.clubs.psu.edu) has had problems lately locking up every couple of days. Symptoms include the Web Server, IIS, timing out and closing the web port (ie "Netscape's network connection was refused by the server..." or "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site...A connection with the server could not be established."). We have installed the latest patch from Transarc Corp. and will be testing performance settings. We will post more announcements here as they turn up. We have set up a secondary link on the personal server to our files in DFS. If you wish to read this page while the Club's web server is down, go to www.personal.psu.edu/jcd144/clubs. Please contact ActivityServer@psu.edu if you have any questions, and we will try to reply as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

DNS for ftp.clubs.psu.edu propagated - 31-May-2000 4PM

The DNS change for ftp.clubs.psu.edu to become an alias for ftp.personal.psu.edu finally occured today. The zone expiration is one day so you should be able to use ftp.clubs.psu.edu for FTP by tomorrow at the latest.

DFS Migration Complete - 24-May-2000 4:00 PM

All files have been moved into DFS, and all users have been given access to their files. The DNS change for ftp.clubs.psu.edu has not yet taken place, but you can access your files through ftp.personal.psu.edu. When you connect to ftp.personal.psu.edu, make sure you use your Access Account to log in (your Access Account is used for your userid@psu.edu email), and change to the /clubs directory after logging in. If you notice any problems or have any questions, please let us know at ActivityServer@psu.edu.

Files copied - 23-May-2000 7:00 PM

All files have been copied into DFS. A script is running which is giving users access to their folders in DFS. Unfortunately, the DNS entry for ftp.clubs.psu.edu hasn't been updated yet. If you need to update your files, you can FTP to ftp.personal.psu.edu to reach them. Remember to use your Access Account userid and password, and to change to the /clubs directory after logging in. As of now, all groups with directories starting with A through E should have access. All groups should have access by tomorrow.

FTP service turned off - 22-May-2000

The FTP service on ftp.clubs.psu.edu has been turned off while we copy files into DFS. Sometime tomorrow ftp.clubs.psu.edu will become an alias for ftp.personal.psu.edu, and we will be giving all groups access to their new DFS directories. We expect to have all groups able to update their websites by Wednesday at the latest. There will be no interruption to web service -- your pages will always be visible from www.clubs.psu.edu.

Upgrade to DFS to begin this week - 22-May-2000

During this week we will shut down ftp service, transfer all student groups to the clubs DFS space, and transfer the hostname ftp.clubs.psu.edu to the DFS ftp server. When the ftp service becomes available again, you will NO LONGER use your clubs password to upload files. Instead you will need to use your Kerberos password - the same password you use for @psu.edu email, dialup, eLion.psu.edu, and so forth. DFS testers can still update their files without interruption. There should be no interruption to the web service. This does not affect the Greeks web service. We will post latest developments here.

Symbolic link /clubs/ added for DFS testers - 23-Apr-2000

With the cooperation of CAC, we were able to set up a symbolic link /clubs/ for /.../dce.psu.edu/fs/services/www/clubs/wwwroot/ (aka /:/services/www/clubs/wwwroot/) on ftp.personal.psu.edu. DFS testers can now change to the "/clubs/your_club_dir" to get to their club directory.

WS-FTP for Windows upload instructions now available - 20-Apr-2000

Due to popular demand we have completed a tutorial for using WS-FTP for Windows to upload to your clubs site. It comes in two versions: Using the main ftp server ftp.clubs.psu.edu, and using the DFS test server. Only use the DFS test server instructions if you have asked to be part of the DFS test.

Guestbooks and ODBC available - 29-Mar-2000

A new guestbook script is now available, and ODBC (used for database connections) is working again. For details, see our CGI page.

Applications backlog cleared - 20-Mar-2000

The backlog of applications has now been cleared. If you've submitted an application before today and haven't received an email about it, please email ActivityServer@psu.edu and ask us about it.

Testing Access Account authentication

We're currently testing a new system that will let you update your web pages using your Access Account. See our DFS Info Page for more information.

Directory replication fixed

We have fixed the problem which prevented updated pages from appearing on the website immediately. There will no longer be a delay between when you update a page and when you view it on your website.

Application forms now available - 1-23-2000 9:15 PM

Our application forms are now available again. We apologize for the delay.

Application form outage - 1-10-2000 7:00 PM

The server which runs our application form is currently unavailable. We are working to move this to a different machine. We will update this page when it is available again.

FTP server back on line - 1-7-2000

The FTP server is back on line.

FTP server outage - 12-28-1999 9:00 PM

Our FTP server seems to have crashed. Since none of the administrators are in State College now, it may take a while to get the machine rebooted. We will post an update here when we have the machine running again.

All applications processed - 10-6-1999 9:00 PM

All applications which had been delivered to the HUB desk before 5 PM today have now been processed. If you submitted your application before then and haven't heard from us, please email ActivityServer@psu.edu. Be sure to include your Access Account userid and your group name.

All Services Restored - 9-29-1999 1:50 PM

Everything should be back in working order again. The one change you will notice is that it takes a few minutes for changes you make to your website to appear on the webserver. We are now using the replication service built into Windows NT to automatically copy data from the FTP server to the Web server.

If you notice any problems, please email us at ActivityServer@psu.edu.

FTP restored - 9-29-1999 12:40 PM

The FTP service on ftp.clubs.psu.edu is now available again.

FTP down for 1 hour - 9-29-1999 11:05 AM

The FTP service on ftp.clubs.psu.edu will be off for an hour or so while we make a few changes.

Backup Website in Use - 9-27-1999

Some problems occurred during upgrades we made today in an attempt to fix the repeated crashes of the past week. We're running a backup web site now until we can fix this problem. FTP is still available at ftp.clubs.psu.edu, but your changes will not be immediately visible. We will copy changed content to the webserver at least twice a day until this problem is fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Counters and Mail Form fixed - 9-20-1999

The problems with the counters and form mail programs should now be fixed. Note that the form mail program is now named wsendmail.pl, rather than wsendmail.exe. See the CGI Page for more info.

More Applications Completed - 9-15-1999

All application forms which were in the HUB desk folder as of about 1 PM today are now complete. See the Admin Page for details.

First Round of Applications Completed - 9-14-1999

The first round of applications have been completed and notification emails sent. See the Admin Page for details.

Applications Available - 5:30 PM 9-3-1999

Applications are now available for new groups who want space on this server and existing groups who want to change their web team members. See our administration page for instructions.

All services restored - 10:30 AM 9-3-1999

All services are back up. If you have any further problems, please let us know at ActivityServer@psu.edu.

FTP service down - 7:20 PM 9-2-1999

The FTP service died on our server. It will be restarted tomorrow morning.

Application Forms -- 1:48 PM 9-2-1999

Forms for applications and group membership changes will be posted by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday).

7:45 pm 8-25-1999

As clarification, www.clubs.psu.edu is now just the web server. Please FTP to ftp.clubs.psu.edu for file upload.

3:11 PM 8-25-1999

FTP should be working normally again. If you experience any more strange happenings, please let us know at ActivityServer@psu.edu.

2:40 PM 8-24-1999

FTP server is having problems and will be rebooted at today at 4:15 PM.

6:40 PM 8-23-1999

The DNS change for www.clubs.psu.edu seems to have taken place this afternoon on the psu.edu DNS servers. If you're using another DNS server, it may take a day to update. If you have any problems reaching www.clubs.psu.edu after tomorrow, please let us know at ActivityServer@psu.edu.

6:30 PM 8-22-1999

If you're reading this, either the DNS change for www.clubs.psu.edu has taken effect, or you know that this machine is also named clubs.sa.psu.edu. We apologize for the downtime, and are working to get it corrected ASAP.

5:45 PM 8-17-1999

All user files have now been transferred to the new server. The DNS change has been requested, so once it takes effect www.clubs.psu.edu will point to the new machine. The FTP service will be restored by the end of the week using the existing usernames and passwords. We will announce on this page when the FTP site is available again.

1:00 PM 8-17-1999

We are still working on the new server. During this time, FTP service is turned off. We fully expect to have it turned on by the end of the week. We know everyone wants to have their pages ready for the start of the semester. While our FTP is unavailable, you can still work on your files on your local machine. When the FTP service is restored, you can then upload your finished pages.

For details, please see the Upgrade page. Watch for an update later tonight as well.

Kerberos delayed (8-12-1999)

Our apologies but we will be delayed in providing kerberos authentication. Technical difficulties have forced us to postpone it's deployment and use the old password database for the begining of Fall semester. We will set up new applications and a new mailbox by next week. Check with the revised time line for details on the Upgrade page.

FTP Service to be shut down (7-31-1999)

Yesturday the Student Activity Server Committee planned out the upgrade schedule with the Student Affairs IT staff. We will be turning off the FTP service on ftp.clubs.psu.edu, www.clubs.psu.edu, and interface.cac.psu.edu at 11:59pm on Friday, August 6, 1999. The Greek Life web server, athens.cac.psu.edu, will also follow a similar schedule. The following two weeks will be spent transferring the web content to our new service, and preparing the new server for operation. Both the Greek Life web service and Activity Server web service will be assumed by the new server. For a technical description of what is happening, visit our upgrade page.

Counters fail for the last time (7-14-1999)

The dreaded counter bug strikes again, but now for the last time. With the full system upgrade due soon, we will wait until the new system is stable before we restore the counters again. We should be able to restore a fairly accurate count from the WWW logs since last October.


For once the above phrase is a good thing to read. By the end of July 1999, the Student Activity Server Committee, in collaboration with our new department, the Office of Student Affairs, will have rebuilt the Student Activity Server from the ground up. This will eliminate many problems we have had in the past with both software and hardware inappropriate for our needs. Student organizational web content will be transferred to the new system, and the trade of the hostname www.clubs.psu.edu will occur between two live machines eliminating most potential downtime. Unfortunately we will not be able to honor web account changes until this is complete, and we will most likely require all web teams to subscribe to a new set of policies and account application procedures. These changes will help us to provide a far superior service than we have in our infancy. Details will follow as they come. Visit back to this page frequently in the coming weeks for important information.

No mailbox (5/2/1999)

As of this past Saturday, our original mailbox and fax number have been closed. We are currently working with CAC to find a new, more permanent mailbox. Until then we will be unable to honor account change requests that would normally require a printed and signed form from our accounts page. Please return here in the coming weeks to hear updates on this situation.

The ftp service is back online (4/30/1999)

Service is now again operational.

Limited time for application submissions! (4/29/1999)

As the semester draws to a close, so does the time will will accept submissions this semester for account and group applications. Our mailbox at 225 Atherton, along with the fax number (814) 862-7588, will NO LONGER be used by our staff after Saturday, May 1st, 1999. We are working on getting a new mailbox and will inform you from the Applications page when we have found a new one.

The ftp service is temporarily down (4/28/1999)

Due to complications in the ftp server's authentication service, we will be unable to provide ftp service until we can reset the server. We expect to be able to correct this in the next day or so. Refer to our problems report page for details. Please note that this problem only affects the clubs ftp server (ftp.clubs.psu.edu) and not other services such as the personal server.

Student Activity Server due for upgrades (4/16/1999)

By the end of the semester, we plan to start making a series of large changes to the system. Among them range moving the mailbox for applications, applying web server software and major hardware upgrades, fixing common problems we have had with scripts and other server functions, and even changing management to some degree. Other things we plan to change in the not too distant future are switching to kerberos authentication (which uses your CAC Access Account password instead of our own), adding online interactive account management for web team leaders, encryption over Secure Socket Layer, and more. Details and proposed time schedules will be up soon. Please frequent this page in the coming weeks.

Greek Web server preparing for upgrades (4/6/1999) We have been getting reports about the Greek Web Server, which is located on the web at athens.cac.psu.edu, being down unexpectantly during the past week or so. I inquired with CAC and spoke with the administrator of the service. They are preparing some major system upgrades to improve performance. None of which should effect users of the system (webmasters). If you wish to speak with someone about the service, contact their webmaster at webmaster@athens.cac.psu.edu. If you notice that the system is down unexpectantly, please call the CAC Training Office at (814) 863-9522. The Greek Web server is a web hosting service for Fraternities and Sororities at Penn State.

New page layout (4/6/1999) The SAS pages have now been remade for ease of readability and usability. If you came here looking for Application Submission Instructions, you should read our newly incorporated Webpage Administration and Submission Instruction page.

(3/17/99) Crisis averted. The FAX machine just needed to be cleaned; It was a build-up of dust that made streaks.

(3/17/99) FAX machine is down. We have run out of toner. Please use mail until we can replace the toner.

(2/28/99) FTP outage again, required server reboot to fix it. We've created a problems page to keep track of the too-frequent outages. Of course, we won't be able to update the page if there's an outage, because we won't be able to access the server either. Please email ActivityServer@psu.edu to report any problems.

(2/23/99) We have added a new page of links to important and useful sites and Penn State. All Penn State students and organizations are encouraged to visit.

(2/19/99) Server trouble. For some reason FTP authentication stopped working, so users were unable to update their pages. Rebooting the server brought everything back to normal.

(2/16/99) Update: The Fax machine now has paper once again. Also, we have made a change in the ActivityServer@psu.edu alias. It is now set to forward to a mailing list so that more of us can answer you and answer in a smaller period of time. Please continue to contact us with that alias.

(1/28/99) Notice: The Fax machine is currently out of paper. Please wait until we can refill it or send via snail mail.

(1/20/99) Good news. Times two. First off, we were able to discover yet another way to administer accounts remotely. This method does not have the 1000 user limitation so we are please to announce that we will process new group accounts shortly. If you submitted a form since the start of the semester, your form will not be included on the waiting list. Shortly we will post details on when the waiting list and newer forms will be processed. Secondly, we have found a method for restoring the counters since the server failure in December. We will inform you via this page when the restoration is complete.

(12/20/98) A change in application forms: We have now replaced the changeuser.txt form with a renewal form. When adding or removing a member, webteams now specify exactly all members who should be on, and all not listed will be removed. This will help webteams keep better track of active members and speed up the application process. Webteams changing the webmaster still need the old webmaster's signature or two officer's signatures.

(12/17/98) Server trouble: We apologize for the inconvenience of the unexpected down between approximately midnight and 10:30am today. Reason was a remote reboot ended in CMOS errors that needed console attention. A side effect of the down is that the counter log file has been lost. An earlier backup from October 27 has been reinstated in the meantime. If you can remember your group's approximate hit count before last night, and would like that value restored, we can re-apply the old value and catenate the latest hit count as well. Simply email ActivityServer@psu.edu letting us know your group's name, directory, name of counter (in case of multiple counters), and of course, guestimation of hit count.

(11/24/98) The info page on the simple guest book has been revised. There were discrepancies in the code given which were fixed and also we created a few more example files to download and modify for use. Please feel free to try one out on your page and let us know how easy the info page is to follow.

(10/27/98) To avoid confusion between similarly named groups at different campuses, we now require you to specify what campus your group operates from on the new group form. In the case of more than one group with the same name from a different campus (and functioning as a separate group), the new group will have to specify a directory name different from the original.

(9/11/98) Sorry for the inconvenience, but technical difficulties have kept us from receiving some faxes. If you faxed us an application in the past few weeks and have not heard anything from us yet, please send again. Thank you for your help. Please continue to use the below info for sending applications.

(8/25/98) Welcome back. We are now undergoing a transition and will need your cooperation in processing accounts. Until further notice send new applications to:

Student Activity Server Committee
225 Atherton Hall
University Park, PA 16802-3902
OR FAX it to (814) 862-7588. We may be getting a new mailbox soon so please refer to this page before sending! For your convenience, here is the new group form and change user form (to adjust membership of an existing club). Thank you for your help.

(5/8/98) Summer's here! Due to recent in-pouring of applications, we will need another two weeks to complete the applications. If you submitted one before the Sunday of finals week, please give us until 5/22/98 to finish. If you haven't heard from us one way or another by then, Let us know. Sorry for the wait.

(2/23/98) New updates! We have fixed the counter/cgi bug and have implemented quite a few useful changes. Details are listed on our new technical notes page.

(2/15/98) The previous webmaster for the Student Activity Server has been replaced. Last semester most of the old members and officers have either retired or graduated, and new members have finally volunteered. We have processed all old applications and should be up to date to the week. If we seemed to have missed your group, please send again or email us.

  • 3/3/1997:
    • For the past couple of days, we have been testing and debugging a piece of software to administer the server. We're sorry for the FTP and Web outages. We're almost done ironing out some bad areas in the software.
    • We are currently testing the impact of enabling execute access to individual group directories. Please do not contact us about this. The test is going to last a few more weeks.
  • 1/5/1997:
    • We have announced a new Webmaster taking over the position from Lou Amadio. Lou is graduating in May and wanted to have the server in confident hands. Rob "Steve" Bender will take over the position. The Alias ActivityServer@psu.edu will be transferred over to him next week.
    • We have added a page that will allow you to change your Student Activity Server Password. I know that you are getting sick of the assigned password, hope this helps.
    • If you are interested in using CGIs on your pages, you must locate the CGI scripts that you want to run, and mail them to the Web Master. After analyzing the impact of those CGIs, they may or may not be posted for ALL organizations to use.
    • A reminder: Application Processing can take as much as 2 weeks. Please be paitent.
    • We are attempting to get the Microsoft Front Page extensions working with our configuration. Since we are handling permissions a little differently than FrontPage expects, we are experiencing some problems. We will let you know in the news when they are activated.
    • If you have artwork that you could like to have made available to other organizations, mail them to the Web Master. He will put them in the /common directory so everyone can use them. This saves space. Remember, this server is maintained by Hardware and Software donations as well as volunteer work. Be Kind.
  • 1/21/1997:
    • Windows NT 4.0 is Installed!
    • Internet Information Server 3.0 with Active Server Pages and Front Page 97 Extensions are Installed!
    • Perl 5.0 is Installed! (Mail scripts to ActivityServer@psu.edu for validation, verification, and installation).
    • A Guest Book is installed. (More information to follow).
    • Microsoft Index Server 1.1 is installed.
    • Mail ActivityServer@psu.edu if you have any questions or requests. No flames please.
  • 1/13/1997:
    • Welcome back! Good luck this semester.
    • This page will be updated weekly. Check back on Mondays for new information.
    • The Server will be shut down January 16 for Software Upgrades. We will be installing Windows NT 4.0, Internet Information Server 3.0 with the Active Pages Extensions, Microsoft NetShow for streaming Audio and Video, Microsoft Index Server and Possibly Microsoft Frontpage 97 Extensions.
    • Account Maintenance is open. Please visit the Obtaining An AccountPage.
  • 11/10/96:
    • Notes on CGIs: Scripts are NOT working. That means Perl and the like are out of the question until we upgrade to Windows NT 4.0 and IIS 2.0 (Or IIS 3.0).
    • If you have Internet Information Server Applications or compatable CGIs, We can use them. Mail them to ActivityServer@psu.edu for validation and installation.
    • We set the server to not allow CGIs to execute in the user directories. We did this for Performance and security reasons.
  • 11/06/96:
  • 11/04/96:
    • We now have 70 Student organizations on the Student Activity Server. This with more than 200 users. We will be running a histogram of usage soon.
    • Note on CGI: We are working on some issues. We do have a web counter. If you would like to use it read this. It will explain how to use it and place it on your page. We will be adding it to the SAS Main Page.
    • I got sick of the old pages. I jazzed them up. Check them out in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
  • 8/22/96:
    • The new Server is up and Running. The Center for Academic Computing has given the Student Activity Server Committee of Interface: The Student Computer Club an IBM PC350. It's a Pentium-100 based computer, running Windows NT 3.51 and Microsoft's Internet Information Server version 1.0. All of the data that was on the Old server has been moved to the new one. The Old server will be retired.
    • With the move to the new server, all of the Server side programs were removed. We should be putting new ones up soon(Within the week).
  • 7/22/96:
    • Changed the background color to White. The light blue was causing problems for some people (The text was being washed out).
    • Also changes the shield on the PSU logo. There is now a white border around it. (Like on the Course book). On 4bit displays, it was being "blended" into the background.
  • 7/18/96:
    • Added a "Freeware" BGI called HTMLEx 1.07. It is fairly powerful. It allows the standard Counter, and Log. There are many things that you can put into the pages, such as the Client type and such. (We can do a Client Analysis.)
    • Access to the BGI is transparent. If you want to add a Counter to your page, just put #!CurrentGraphCnt!#.
    • Fixed a bug in the program by changeing the delimiter from % to #! !#.
    • Tried to FDISK the broken drive to see if I can repair it. (Didn't)
  • 7/18/96:
    • The new Web page is up. It's only temporary. Don't rely on spelling, and correct policies. (These WILL be updated when I get home.)
    • Secondary hard drive failure. This is a bad thing. I was able to recover the data on the drive and remap the server to those new drives. I "Unmapped" the bad drive. This is a temporary solution until the new server is in place.
    • We will have our new server soon. (Probrably about the time classes start).

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